What we do

What we do

Every year hundreds of tons of still edible, wholesome and hygienic food go to waste. There are many reasons for this squandering: close expiration date, flawed packaging, non-conformity with aesthetic standards. SenzaSpreco proposes an integrated approach to face this complex and multifaceted problem in order to promote and activate new production, sale and consumption models, more respectful of the environment, of the workers and of the consumers.

In order to do that we have activated an action plan with three major elements:

The Market place

A web-platform, currently in beta, that allows all those who are involved in the production, distribution, transformation and trading phases of the supply chain to sell discounted food products, in surplus or close to the expiring dates, to single buyers and companies or to donate to charities. By doing that the sellers can save and value products otherwise doomed to became trash and at the same time consumers can purchase more sustainable goods, convenient for the environment and for their wallets too!

Tailored Services

SenzaSpreco creates custom-made projects for particular targets and geographical areas. SenzaSpreco can also activate actions and events to facilitate the matching of offer and demand of unsold food products.

Education and awareness

The wasting of food is also a cultural problem as shown by the significant proportion of domestic food waste. It’s really important though to raise awareness on this issue! That’s why SenzaSpreco offers information tools, workshops, seminars and events for school-students (but not only for them… also for adults and children).

SenzaSpreco also aims to support, with all those who care about this issue, advocacy strategies towards institutions, in order to spread and promote good practices inside the productive and consumption processes, and moreover to stimulate improvements of the current regulation.