Tre americane | Tre Americane a SenzaSpreco!

Parte la nostra nuova rubrica in inglese curata da tre studentesse statunitensi che stanno facendo uno stage a SenzaSpreco. Cat, Paige e Moriah, tra le altre cose, scriveranno regolarmente su queste “pagine” su temi che riguardano lo spreco alimentare. Oggi si presentano!


Moriah, Paige and Cat!

Ciao a tutti!

We’ve just joined the lively SenzaSpreco team from the United States, and our names are Cat, Paige, and Moriah. We hail from Colorado, Ohio, and Wisconsin, respectively, and we’re super excited to write some blog posts for this website, work with the SenzaSpreco team, and maybe take a few ridiculous selfies holding the giant paper SenzaSpreco carrot. Each of us wants to learn something here that we can implement back home, but we also want to help the startup by leveraging what we already know. Naturally, the food issues we know best are our own—those concerning the food waste crisis back in America.

Our home base during our stay in Italy is the Castello Sonnino, a winemaking estate in the medium-sized Tuscan town of Montespertoli, just 30 kilometers outside of Florence. The Castello dates back centuries and is rich not only in the history of its wine and olive oil production, but also in culture (the political philosopher Machiavelli even lived there as a child!). Today, it serves as a place for travelers to stay, enjoy yummy food from their restaurant, sample top-rated dessert wine called Vin Santo, and purchase products such as olive oil, wine and honey. We are the first class of students that the Castello has hosted, and we’re all studying sustainable food and agriculture through this program. A typical week for us includes learning from the professors who visit and teach us at the Castello, two days of work at our internships, and having hands-on learning experiences. For some of these, we’ve helped out with the Castello’s grape harvest; for others, we’ve visited various wineries and farms around the region of Tuscany. Here’s a bit about us!


SenzaSpreco USA version logo by Cat



Hi! I’m Moriah Maternoski and I study food systems, sustainable agriculture and nutrition at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Some of my favorite pastimes include running and being active, and I find myself being most excited about recipes and spending hours in the kitchen. What a perfect place to be! Someday I hope to combine my background in nutrition with sustainable growing practices to teach communities how to cook and grow their own wholesome foods. I’m especially passionate about increasing nutrition and knowledge of where food comes from in school meals. During my time here, I look forward being inspired by Senza Spreco’s mission and Italy’s commitment as a country to advancing sustainability!




Ciao! Io sono Cat Braza, and I study environmental science and policy, as well as minor in studio art and music, at a tiny university called Colorado College. My absolute favorite things to do are drawing, taking photos, hiking up mountains (there are plenty where I live), watching good theatre, and discovering new music. My mom’s side of the family is ancestrally Sicilian, so Italy has always been a dream destination for me. Italy has definitely lived up to my expectations; the landscapes are gorgeous, the food and wine is to die for, and the sheer amount of variety in a country so much smaller than the U.S. blows my mind. Especially now that Donald Trump is slated to become our new president, I feel more passionate about engaging in sustainability education and awareness than ever. Luckily, SenzaSpreco lends me a great Italian outlet with which to continue doing that abroad.




Ciao! Mi chiamo Paige Anton. I study neuroscience and biochemistry at Colorado College. My love of food and my interest in the psychology behind sustainability and people’s relationship with nature brought me to study here in Italy. In my free time, I love being outside and doing things like hiking and skiing. So far my favorite things about Italy are the beautiful landscapes, the amazing history and aperitivo time! I am excited to join SenzaSpreco’s mission to prevent food waste through education.

The three of us recognize that food waste in the U.S.—and worldwide—is an enormous, tragic problem, but we don’t know how to best go about amending it back home. While we’re in Italy, we hope to help SenzaSpreco function as an exciting new startup and see what we ourselves can both learn from, and contribute to, the organization. Check this blog every week or so to read about our musings, our research, what we’re learning, and how we’re helping. In the meantime, did you know you can eat the entire apple, even the core? We think it’s time to start doing that…


Cat Braza, Moriah Maternoski and Paige Anton



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